The HOG Recipes App

HOG's online recipes are interactive. With an account, you can designate the Hands on Gourmet recipes you love to a “favorite list” for easy accessibility. Moreover, you can generate online shopping lists from the recipes if you decide to try them out for yourself. With a few button clicks, all the ingredients you need are stored; easily viewable on your phone, you can take that list to the grocery and scoop everything up much more efficiently. Sure beats writing everything down right?

Through exploring our new interface for yourself, hopefully the functions will be self explanatory. However, if you come across something you don’t quite grasp fully, here are some commonly asked questions:

Why do I need an account?

When you mark a recipe as a favorite or add ingredients to your shopping list, we just need a simple way to know which favorites and items are linked to you. If you need an account, you can create one here.

What do the colored dots in the recipes mean?

The dots are there to help you easily determine which ingredients go into which step. In the example below, ingredients with a blue dot go into step one, and red into in step three. An ingredient used in several steps, such as the salt, is represented by a partitioned dot, with the color of the earlier step on top. Notice that step two does not use any ingredients; thus, it is represented by a grey dot.

This display does in fact transition over to our print preview; partitioned dots are separated for extra clarity.

What do the colored dots in the shopping list mean?

The dots correspond to the general zones of the store.

How are the diets defined in your featured recipes?

We determine the type of diet the recipe supports based on the ingredients contained in it. Our four base diets include the following.

vegan - veggies only
vegetarian - veggies and dairy
pescatarian - seafood, veggies, and dairy
omnivore - meat plus all of the above

How can I quickly jump from one recipe to the next?

When you click on a recipe you should see left and right arrows on each side of the page. Clicking on these – or sliding the appropriate direction on tablet/smartphone - will take you to the previous or following recipe, respectively.

Can I designate stores for specific items?

Of course! Similar to how our app remembers your section preferences, our system will also remember your store preferences for items.

Why do I have to fill out a captcha during registration?

We are well aware that captchas are ugly, and can be a pain to fill out…trust me, we didn’t want them either; we wanted registration to be as smooth as possible. However, we implemented captchas as a means to ensure that all our users were indeed human. Those pesky bots can’t bother us anymore!