recipes: #vietnam

  • Dry Fried Spicy Green Beans
    green beans or Chinese long beansKosher saltneutral oilgarlicsambal (garlic and chili paste)Chinese Shaoxing wine (sherry works)soy saucesugartoasted sesame oil
  • Grilled Eggplant with Garlic and Scallions (Cà Nuong)
    Salt and pepperChinese eggplantRice bran oil for brushing eggplantrice bran oilscallionsof finely minced gingerclovesPinch of chili flakeskecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy)
  • Sizzling Crepes in Lettuce Leaves with Chili Sauce
    boneless pork shouldergranulated sugarfish sauceground black peppergarlicdry sherrybran oilshrimpKosher saltgranulated sugardry sherryegg whitecornstarchvegetable oilscallionsmung bean sproutsdried chilesdistilled white vinegarfish saucelime juicegarlicsugarsmall carrotwaterrice flourturmericwaterKosher saltscallionrice bran oil for fryinglittle gem lettucecilantromintThai basil
  • Sticky Banana Cake with Coconut Caramel
    coconut milksugarsaltvanilla beanbrown sugarbaking powderAP floursaltbuttereggsmedium bananas
  • Sugarcane Shrimp (Chao Tom) with Sweet Chili Sauce
    raw shrimp kosher saltgarlicshallotsugarbaking powderfish sauceground white pepperrice bran oilegg whitecorn starchgreen onions or Chinese garlic chivessugarrice vinegarwaterfinely minced garliccrushed red pepper flakessambal (garlic chili sauce)cornstarchcold watersaltSugar cane
  • Summer Rolls with Nuoc Cham and Plum Sauce
    glass noodlespicked herb leaves (mint cilantro etc)assorted shredded vegetables (carrot cucumber mango etc)green leaf lettuceprawnsgarlicThai chilijuice of 0.50 limegranulated sugarunseasoned rice vinegarfish saucewatergarlicserrano chilessalted plumsplum brinewhite vinegargranulated sugartapioca starchpaper wrappersscallionspeanuts
  • Sweet Potato & Eggplant Curry
    coconut oil onionbell peppersginger1/4 c yellow curry pastecoconut milk (14 oz)fish sauceveggie stocksweet potato Chinese eggplantkaffir lime leaveslime juicelime zestpalm sugar syrupSalt and pepperwhite pepperground corianderground cinnamonground cuminground cardamomground nutmegred chilieslemongrassknob of galangalknob of gingergarlic shallotsfresh turmericfish saucecilantrocilantro
  • Vietnamese Meatballs
    ground porkgarlicjalapeño chilesfish saucesoy saucegingerfive spice powdersugarlimescilantroKosher saltSriracha saucevegetable oilcucumberscilantro sprigsmint sprigscarrotssliced jalapenosmayonnaiselimessugarKosher salt to tasteSriracha to taste