recipes: #thai

  • Fried Spring Rolls with Sweet and Sour Plum Sauce
    bean thread noodlesfinely shredded green cabbageground porkshrimpbean sproutsground white pepper fish sauceeggsfresh cilantroscallionsrice bran oilgarlic clovesgranulated sugarspring roll wrappersRice bran oil for fryingwhite vinegarcornstarch dissolved in 4 tsp waterred serrano chiliespicked or salted plumspickled plum brineCilantro leavesSliced cucumbersgarlic clovesgranulated sugar
  • Green Curry Vegetables
    cilantro stemslemongrassgalangal2" fresh turmericlime zestgarliclarge shallotsshrimp pastedried red chiliesfresh green Thai chiliesKosher saltground white pepperrice bran oil or canola oilred bell pepperyellow onioneggplantseasonal vegetable of choiceunsweetened coconut milkfish saucepalm sugar syrupvegetable stockjuice of 1 to 2 limeskaffir lime leavesscallionscilantro leaves
  • Grilled Satay (Pork or Chicken) with Spicy Peanut Sauce
    garlicshallotswhole coriander seedswhole cumin seedswhole dried red chileslemongrassfresh galangalcilantro stemsground nutmegground cinnamonground maceshrimp paste (kapee)unsalted roasted peanutsunsweetened coconut milkpalm sugarfish saucetamarind pureepork shoulder (or 3 lbs boneless chicken thighs)lime wedgescilantro leavescrushed peanuts
  • Lemongrass Chicken with Tamarind Sauce and Steamed Jasmine Rice
    chicken thighsgarlicminced gingerlemongrasschili flakescilantro (stems included)ground black peppersoy saucefish saucepalm sugar syrup (or brown sugar)rice bran oilzest and juice of 2 limesjasmine ricewatersalttamarind juice (see note)palm sugarfish saucelime juiceChili flakesshallotsgreen onioncilantrotoasted rice powderfried shallotscilantro sprigs and/or Thai basil leaves
  • Pad Thai
    rice stick noodlesrice bran oiloptional: tofugarlicshallotsoptional: dried shrimpgreen Thai chilisoptional: raw shrimpeggscarrotscallionsmung bean sproutsThai basil leavestarmarind concentratepalm sugar syrupfish saucewaterThai basil leavespeanutslime wedges
  • Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls
    rice bran oilgarlicgrated galangal or gingermedium shallotsshiitake mushroomsfinely chopped cabbagesmall carrotmung bean noodlesmedium to firm tofucilantrofresh basilscallionssoy saucespring roll wrappers (thawed if frozen)sugarrice vinegarwatergarlicchili flakesSirachacornstarchcold water
  • Tom Kha, Coconut Soup
    fresh galangallemon grasscoconut milkwatermushroomsjuice of 1-2 limessmall onionred jalapeno or fresno pepperfresh kaffir lime leavesfish saucepalm sugarfreshly ground white peppercilantro leaves or short sprigsprawns