recipes: #cuba

  • Arroz con Pollo (Caribbean Chicken and Criollo Rice)
    large Anaheim pepperdried oreganooniongarliccilantroboneless chicken thigh meatsalt and pepperrice bran oilground annatto seeds (achiote)piquillo peppersolivesbay leavesground cuminground corianderpinch ground cloveswhite winechicken stockchicken glacePomi tomatoesripe plantainzucchinijuice of 1 orangegarlic saffronlight olive oilsaltsmoked paprikapinch of chili flakeswaterricelarge yellow onionspureed tomatoesbay leafshelling peascilantroavocado
  • Black Bean and Cheese Empanadas
    all-purpose flourKosher saltsugarbaking powdercold unsalted butterwaterextra flour for dustingrice bran oilyellow onionjalapenogarliccuminchili powdergranulated sugarblack beansKosher salt and black pepper to tasteshredded mozzarellaeggswater
  • Churrasco al Mojo Verde with Criollo-Saffron Rice
    light olive oillarge yellow onionsgarlicsaltsmoked paprikadried oregano leavesbay leaveschili flakescilantro stemspureed tomatoeswaterricecilantro leavesparsley leavesoregano leavesshallotsgarlicsmoked paprikaespelette pepperground cuminground black peppersaltextra-virgin olive oilred wine vinegarzest and juice of 2 limesskirt steakgarlicshallotsbay leavesrice bran oilsalt and pepper to tastelime juiceyellow onionslime wedgesoptional: sliced avocado
  • Cuban Ceviche
    assorted seafoodcherry tomatoes (or 1 cup roma tomatoes)onionbell pepperscallionscilantroolive oilKosher salt and ground black pepper to tastelime juiceZest of 1 orangeJuice of 2 orangesground allspiceextra-virgin olive oilgreen plantainsSaltRice bran oil for fryingavocados
  • Cuban Grilled Sweet Corn
    cornrice bran oilsalt and black peppermayonnaisegarliczest of 3 limesjuice of 1 limeEspelette peppersalt and black pepperlimesParmesanchili powder
  • Cuban-Spiced Chicken with Chorizo and Rice
    chicken thighs with skin and bonefresh lime juicefresh cilantro stemsolive oillime peelfresh thymejalapeño chilisweet paprikaground black pepperground cuminsaltground allspiceolive oilfully cooked Spanish chorizo or linguiça sausageonionsred bell peppergarlic clovesshort grain white ricechicken brothtomatoessweet paprikasaffron threadspiquillo pepper or canned pimentofresh cilantrolime