chicken thighs5 lbs
 garlic1 head
cloves sliced
 minced ginger2 Tbsp
 lemongrass1 stalk
roughly chopped
 chili flakes1 tsp
 cilantro (stems included)1 bunch
 ground black pepper1 tsp
 soy sauce 1/4 cup
 fish sauce1 Tbsp
 palm sugar syrup (or brown sugar)2 Tbsp
 rice bran oil2 Tbsp
 zest and juice of 2 limes
 jasmine rice4 cups
 water6 cups
 salt2 tsp
 tamarind juice (see note)2 Tbsp
 palm sugar1 Tbsp
finely chopped
 fish sauce1 Tbsp
 lime juice1 Tbsp
 Chili flakes
to taste
 shallots1 Tbsp
finely chopped
 green onion1 Tbsp
 cilantro3 sprigs
 toasted rice powder1 Tbsp
 fried shallots
 cilantro sprigs and/or Thai basil leaves


Grill pans
rice cooker
food processor
For the Chicken
Use a food processor (or mortar and pestle) to make the marinade. First, blend the garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and chiles to a fine paste. Then blend in the cilantro and black pepper. Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend in a little extra oil if the marinade looks too thick to spread on the chicken. Coat the chicken thighs with the marinade, cover tightly with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to grill. Preheat grill over *medium* heat – the marinade will burn over high heat. Take care to cook the chicken slowly until just cooked through. Let rest for 10 minutes before slicing.
For the Steamed Rice
Wash rice thoroughly before cooking! Rinse the rice in cold water a couple of times and drain. Add rice, water, and salt to electric rice cooker and turn on. When cooker stops cooking and rice is done, unplug it and wait ten minutes. Open lid and fluff with a fork and hold warm until service.
Make Nam Jim Jeau dipping sauce
Note: I use ready-to-use tamarind juice which comes in a tub, often labeled "tamarind concentrate." If making your own from tamarind pulp, don't add too much water to make sure that you get a thick consistency.
Combine tamarind, fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar; stir until the sugar is dissolved (it will really help to make sure your sugar is very finely chopped). Add all remaining ingredients and stir. If making sauce in advance, don't add cilantro and green onions until ready to serve.
To Serve
Slice the warm chicken into large pieces and arrange over rice on a warmed platter. Garnish with cilantro sprigs and/or Thai basil if desired. Serve tamarind sauce on the side.